COR-TEN® gives the modern buildings of Brama Miasta Łodzi a post-industrial look

An important new spot in Łódź, Poland, is impossible to miss. It is Brama Miasta Łodzi, an office and commercial complex that started its operations this spring. New buildings are located in a very center of Łódź, close to the new Łódź Fabryczna train station. Their impressive looks are due to COR-TEN® steel and black Liberta rainscreen panels delivered by Ruukki.

Prestigious new center

Łódź is an old industrial city, known worldwide for its textiles history. Recently it has changed a lot in a very short time. New buildings, renovated old historical places, and modern communication solutions have attracted the attention of the architecture and urban planning worlds, and the New Center of Łódź has been created.

Brama Miasta Łodzi is the first thing commuters see when they exit Łódź Fabryczna train station. The complex includes two buildings that were completed and commissioned in May 2019 and May 2020. The total floor area is 41,800 m2. In addition to 13 office floors, there are two underground stories. The building offers 231 parking places and 205 places for bicycles, as well as electric car charging stations.  

Brama Miasta was designed by an architectural studio from Bytom, Medusa Group - Przemysław Łukasik, Łukasz Zagała.

“The idea was to open the space to Łódź and its inhabitants. In the design we accented it by introducing a discrete gap between the buildings, creating a symbolic gate to a new city. The use of glass in the space between the buildings gives a mirror effect, reflecting the surroundings. That makes both buildings even more united with the city.
Facades covered with a panel mosaic, made with COR-TEN panels and black Liberta panels, give a spatial dimension and different, changing impressions, depending on where you view it from. The dance between these huge buildings becomes dynamic from the perspective of people travelling along one of the city’s main roads, located near the buildings,” says Przemo Łukasik, one of the owners of Medusa Group, which is responsible for this project.

Brama Miasta is a Skanska Property Poland investment project. Its location is perfect for employees of companies and organizations renting space here. You can get here by train, bus or tram or use woonerf, a street that was transformed in such a way that cars can still use it but the right of way belongs to pedestrians and cyclists.  

COR-TEN® – tradition and modernity in one

The office buildings are highly visible with their golden rust facades made using COR-TEN® steel. This material emphasizes the post-industrial character and tradition of the city and at the same time, in combination with the glass and black hue, it lends a modern look typical of busy and dynamic downtown areas of big cities. Ruukki delivered COR-TEN flat sheets in three thicknesses – 1.5 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm for the general contractor Skanska. The total amount of COR-TEN steel delivered in two stages was more than 6,000 m2. The customer wanted to learn all about COR-TEN properties before placing the order, since this material constituted an essential part of the entire façade and had a strong impact on the selection of other solutions and the final visual effect. A second cladding material delivered by Ruukki was almost 300 m2 of Liberta original 102 in black RAL 9005. Deliveries in two stages started in July 2018 and were completed on December 23, 2019.

Adam Myśliwiec, Business Manager, Ruukki, says: “It was a very demanding project for very demanding partners. We analyzed thoroughly a workshop design and came to the conclusion that it was developed correctly, taking into account all the specific features of COR-TEN steel. Our cooperation was very smooth. We spent a lot of time on exact arrangements and the revision of even the smallest details. As a result, project implementation was problem-free. And of course the final effect speaks for itself.”

Integrated building solutions

Brama Miasta is the first office complex in Łódź with the innovative operational system Connected by Skanska, which integrates the management of various building functions in a mobile application and an online platform. It makes it very easy to move around the buildings with smartphones without the need to use traditional access cards, prepare a virtual invitation for visitors, or reserve a parking space for them. Innovative solutions used in the complex, such as activity-based parking that recognizes license plates and allocates available parking spaces, create a user-friendly work environment.

The designers made sure that there are no barriers to people with different disabilities and limitations – disabled visitors can easily move around the buildings, and older people and families with children have facilities that meet their needs. Brama Miasta received a certificate confirming its barrier-free status. For energy-efficient solutions, the buildings received LEED certification at the Gold level.



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