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Ruukki’s sandwich panels in cold storage buildings of Eurobeef company

If you ask about a building type, for which Ruukki’s sandwich panels are best suited, the answers will vary – some will say that for production halls and warehouses, others that for logistics and distribution centers or for commercial premises. But there is one sector where Ruukki’s panels have a really strong, top position due to their proven functionality, long service life and special properties. It’s cold storage industry with its cold stores, freezers and preservation facilities.

„In Poland, this segment has started to develop thanks to a very active work of cold storage team in our plant in Oborniki long time ago, before the acquisition of Metalplast company. Here the first cold storage sandwich panels and first technical datasheets and catalogues dedicated to them were made. Over the years we innovated our solutions and sophisticated production technologies and now we can offer the most advanced product and the most proven system. In this type of buildings every detail counts and in Ruukki we first mastered it and  then positively tested on hundreds of large projects. Our cold storage panel has a unique joint solution ensuring an excellent tightness which is critical in this industry”, says Dariusz Borowski, Cold Storage and Food Industry Manager in Ruukki Polska.

Eurobeef Sp. z o.o. is one of the companies that have chosen Ruukki’s cold storage solutions. Its headquarters are located in Koło, in the center of Poland. Eurobeef belongs to the biggest meat producers in Wielkopolska region, specializing in beef cutting and production of high-quality beef products.  

In 2016-2017 the company expanded its facilities and built a new cold storage hall, refrigerating plant and high-bay freezer. Additionally, the investment included reconstruction of production halls and renovation of the existing facade.

Cold storage expertise

Ruukki manufactured and delivered sandwich panels for the façade, roofs, partitions walls and ceilings -  actually, the entire spectrum of our sandwich panel offering. 

External walls of new buildings were made with  SP2B 100 E-PIR, SP2B 60 E-PIR and SPB 200 WE panels, partition walls and ceilings with SP2B 100 E-PIR panels and freezer’s walls and ceilings with SP2E 200 E-PIR. For the roofs, SP2C 140/100 E-PIR were delivered. Ruukki was also responsible for the delivery of T35 load-bearing sheets and all accessories such as flashings and joints.  

A wide range of our products for Eurobeef is a result of joint work aimed at finding an optimal solution for the customer.

 „For Eurobeef we delivered 14,000 square meters of panels. The deliveries included both PIR panels and mineral wool panels; the latter for the parts with high fire resistance requirements. Panels with PIR core were used in production and cold storage parts (blast freezer, high-bay freezer). It should be mentioned that with our production capacities we were able to deliver wall panels for the freezer in one piece (approximately 16 m) without the need to join panels. We were also responsible for panel cut-outs, joining details and delivery of steel flashings and accessories. Our complex approach to the project made us score valuable competitive points,” says Dariusz Borowski.

It is worth underlining that it is not the first project we completed for Eurobeef. In 2004, Ruukki delivered sandwich panels for internal walls and ceilings of the first plant. It was around 8,000 square meters in total.

Currently, 250 persons are employed in Eurobeef. 100 tonnes of products are processed daily, before they are dispatched to Polish and many European markets.  A high-quality of products results among others from advanced technologies. Cooled and frozen meat is stored in modern halls that had to meet very strict requirements as to food storage.  

Two successful projects

Our sandwich panels, applied both externally and internally, ensured high energy efficiency of buildings. Air-tight envelope contributes to a constant controlled temperature while special coatings guarantee that Ruukki’s panels are a safe choice for food processing places.  

Grzegorz Grabowski, CEO of Eurobeef, evaluates the quality of our solutions:

„We highly value the quality of systems offered us by Ruukki. After few years we can say that panels used in our facilities are strong, durable and resistant to weather conditions and burdens caused by our daily activities – they proved their functionality in 100%.”

Two projects with a long time gap in between are a good measure of how stable Ruukki is as a partner. How did we go as a supplier for the first part and for the extension of Eurobeef plant?

„Eurobeef recommends cooperation with such a competent and reliable partner as Ruukki – a high quality of products, delivery accuracy, professional support and care for details make this company a very good choice. We are really satisfied with both stages of our investment project,” summarizes Grzegorz Grabowski.  


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