Hollow sections

Optim hollow sections are now Strenx. Please visit www.strenx.com to learn more.

With Ruukki’s structural hollow sections you will be able to significantly reduce the weight of your steel structures while gaining savings in material and manufacturing costs – without limiting the freedom of design. The shape, excellent strength properties and good weldability of our hollow sections are designed for demanding applications. 

Ruukki double grade is the smartest high strength hollow section on the market for steel construction. It includes two separate steel grades S355J2H and S420 MH and the designer can select which grade is used. High-strength Optim hollow sections are used in building structures and framework as well as in boom and frame structures of transport equipment. 

Raex 400 tube is the hardest cold-formed steel tube in the world, designed for cost-efficient transport of semi-fluid liquids and wear materials. We also manufacture customer specific hollow sections in special shapes and grades, offering you a unique opportunity to make your design special. 


Ruukki structural hollow sections


Ruukki structural hollow sections

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