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Building your tomorrow

Building your tomorrow
We work with investors and developers who see opportunities.
We exist for designers and builders to fulfil their dreams.
We are here for people who bring buildings and homes to life.


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We provide advanced technology through responsive partnerships and time-tested practices to help our customers to fulfil their dreams, whether they construct new buildings, or renovate.

We sell and manufacture energy-efficient building and construction solutions, with a focus on northern and Eastern Europe. We have around 3 000 employees and production in 15 plants in Europe. Comparable net sales in 2015 were SEK 5.374 bn. (~ 574 m€).

Our portfolio includes both Ruukki and Plannja brands, which are available through an extensive professional dealer network and service points.

We are a subsidiary of SSAB. SSAB is a Nordic and US-based steel company operating in over 50 countries.
The Company share is quoted on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and Helsinki.



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Buildings of today are our legacy

Sustainability in Ruukki

We support you in sustainable development through advances in our technology and processes. Greener, smarter solutions are increasing in popularity, and our commitment to ongoing new product and service development allows us to be at the forefront of sustainable building innovation. For us environmental transparency is a norm. 

Corporate social responsibility

Ruukki Construction is a subsidiary of SSAB and as such complies with the business ethics, sustainability indices and local community principles. In addition we have special emphasis on construction site safety, in terms of site operations and product safety on both consumer and business to business lines.

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Environmental & quality management

Our quality and environmental issues are managed according to the quality management standard ISO 9001 and the environmental management standard ISO 14001. In 2010, certified systems covered 99 per cent (2009: 98) of production and in 2009, 87 per cent (2008: 80) of employees.

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Safety in focus

We actively commit to promoting safety and an accident-free environment; from supplier to production and all the way to the end-customer. All of our products are designed for safe manufacturing, installation and end-use. Our intention is to grow with our partners and be the world leader in safety. 

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Sustainable offering

Our most significant contribution to sustainable development of the property and construction sector is through our products and services. We aim to help our customers make more sustainable choices in their projects by offering cost-efficient, reliable, and technically advanced ways to improve the sustainability of their projects.

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Ruukki management team


Jarmo Tonteri


”Building your tomorrow is our promise. It has a strategic intent built in, and it describes what we believe in.”

Maritta Kemiläinen

Head of Finance, HR, IT

“Efficiency starts with our own operations and how we work with our customers.”

Petteri Laaksomo

Head of Building Components

“We transform our technological knowhow
and intelligence via product performance to efficient

Jouni Metsämäki

Head of Residential Roofing

”Our overall value is defined by our customers - who build new or renovate.”


Petri Nieminen

Head of Building Systems

“We want that all our customers and business partners feel satisfied working with us.”


Jussi Tuisku

Head of Business unit in Russia

”We network with developers, investors, architects, engineers,
and builders for better and more sustainable buildings.”
Contact our management team members via email. Email address format is:

For press


Tapani Tuominen

Communications Manager

Mobile +358 50 314 3131

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