Solar systems for walls

All buildings are a reflection of their users. Make your sustainable values proudly visible by using clean, renewable energy with Ruukki® on-wall solar or Liberta™ Solar.
  • Both with detailed appearances, whilst supporting the sustainable values that your building stands for.
  • We have created two different systems and approaches for different types of building projects - to assure a balance between the building and the solution.
  • For both new and existing buildings, we aim to bring your project to life through freedom of design, complete delivery, easy installation, and low building maintenance.

Are you looking for a rainscreen or add-on solar system? Choose Liberta™ Solar or Ruukki® on-wall solar.

Our solar systems for walls offering

main product image

Ruukki® on-wall solar

  • Module size: 1605 x 975 mm2
  • Module depth: 4 mm
  • Horizontal joint: ~25 mm
  • Vertical joint: ~3 mm
  • Fasteners: Concealed
  • Appearance: Dark blue

main product image

Liberta™ Solar facade

  • Height: 798 mm
  • Width: 1198 mm
  • Depth: 39 mm
  • Horizontal and vertical joints: 8 mm
  • Fasteners: concealed
  • Appearance: Nearly black glass surface

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