Facade Claddings

Define the character of your facade

A facade that completes your vision, has a character of its own and generates energy. Define the character of your facade with Ruukki® Design Palette:

  • Shapes:  use Liberta rainscreen panels, cladding lamellas or design profiles to express rhythm and flow.
  • Materials:  such as steel, aluminium, Cor-Ten, and glass which stand the test of time. Read more about our wide range of materials here.
  • Colours:  high quality and extensive variety, with the power of expression. See our colour-coated materials here.

Ruukki at your service

Whether you are an investor, architect, engineer, contractor, builder or installer, we are at your service to inspire, contribute, guide and support you in your project. Our support includes:

  • Facilitating: design work with BIM tools and design guides when developing ideas and turning a vision into a design project.
  • Sustainable: products with warranties: quality guaranteed, from raw material production to end product and life cycle. Our products can also be recycled and reused and used as raw material for new steel or other products.
  • Fast and easy installation:  carefully considered details, clear guides, and perfectly fitting products.
  • Supporting services:  from design to project management and installation. Use our strong local presence, years of experience and extensive partner network. 

Be inspired

Experience the shape and its details on the finished facade surface. Visualise the materials and colours in different lighting, and from various perspectives, with the Ruukki Design Palette Visualiser.

Our services for facade claddings

Frame and envelope optimisation

Our most extensive service concept makes it possible for developers of single-storey buildings to have direct control of investment and operating costs of the building from early stages on. We can optimise the building envelope and frame to meet the specific goals of the project and even optimise the life cycle energy costs, including the HVAC system.

Tailored component deliveries

Working with our buying customers and installation companies, we can, together, offer the benefits of our products and technical support to a wide range of construction projects.

Facade Claddings offering

Rainscreen panels

Liberta™ rainscreen panels, as a classic part of the Ruukki Design Palette, offer a versatile way of creating an elegant and unified surface for your facade.

Cladding lamella

Cladding lamellas, as a highlighting part of Ruukki Design Palette, provide various ways of creating a harmonic, impressive and modern image for your facade.

Design Profiles

Design profiles and complementary flashings, as a life-like part of Ruukki Design Palette, offer minimalist diversity and rhythm to your facade.

Low profile sheets

Low Profiles and complementary flashings, as a life-like part of Ruukki Design Palette, offer minimalist diversity and rhythm to facades

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Our services

Our aim is to serve you all the way from start to finish with your building project.


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