Stainless steel and aluminium products

Ruukki Flex – cut to measure

Ruukki supplies you with stainless steel and aluminium as a seamless service that streamlines your production process and enhances your performance.

When ordering Ruukki Flex -products, nothing goes to waste. We deliver cut-to-length plates and you only pay for material you need.

Concentrate on your core business and gain measurable savings in capital, machine tool, energy, scrap and warehousing expenses.

Calculate your savings with Flex-calculator

Flex-calculator shows the size of the standard plate that you would normally need to order and the associated material loss compared to cut-to-measure plate.

Flex-calculator also calculates savings in weight and money that you can get using Ruukki Flex ready-to-fit, cut-to-measure -service.

   Ruukki Flex- calculate your savings

Right product in the right place

Ready-to-fit, cut-to-length products as well as prefabricated parts and components.

Everything through a single contact: storaging, scrap handling and delivery.


A comprehensive range of products

Directly from our stock all of the most common alloys and special alloy deliveries from the leading manufacturers in Europe.

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Size up your advantage

Ruukki’s professionals are always ready to provide material expertise and support.

Contact us, let’s measure up your new competitive benefits.

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