Steel piles

The use of steel piles has increased significantly in residential and non-residential construction, especially where there are difficult ground conditions and structures are subjected to heavy concentrated loads.

Our versatile range of steel pile dimensions and products allow you to select the optimal size and length of pile for all soil conditions. Steel piles can be installed using light equipment, which conserves the environment and reduces excavation need and costs considerably.

Build stronger with high performance RRs and RDs steel piles

Our high-strength RRs and RDs piles, in combination with efficient designing, easy and quick installation, lower environmental impact than traditional piling create a solution that is now stronger than ever. By using the higher steel grade S550J2H, the pile's load-bearing capacity can be added by 25% over that of steel grade S440J2H. The increased load-bearing capacity of the pile can be utilised by decreasing the number of piles. For the customer, this means a significant improvement in the overall economy of the project.

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Ruukki’s CE marked steel piles

Ruukki have CE marking, based on European Technical Approval (ETA-12/0526), which is the most comprehensive CE marking to be granted to pile structures made of structural steel. It covers the entire pile structure, manifests the requirements and conformity of the mechanical splices, and establishes that the product has been manufactured specifically for piling.

Ruukki is the only steel pile manufacturer whose pile products are CE marked, inclusive of all the components. The approval covers the steel pipes of the piles, the steel grades developed for the piles, pile accessories and engineering work.

RRs125/6,3 pile (D = 127 mm, t = 6,3 mm) conforms the requirements of the CE marking and shall be added to it. VTT statement no VTT-S-08703-13: “The pile size meets the criteria given in ETA-12/0526”.

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Statement of CE-marking possibility of pipe pile RRs125/6.3

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  • House foundations
  • Underpinning of building foundations
  • Road construction
  • Railway construction
  • Harbour construction

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