Investor relations

The main principles guiding investor relations at Rautaruukki include providing consistent, adequate information impartially at the same time to all investor audiences in all situations. The company also aims at honesty, transparency and good service. Rautaruukki’s principal channel for investor relations is the corporate website, which seeks to give updated information about the company’s news and financial performance to determine the value of Rautaruukki’s share.

The website also features a comprehensive archive of the company’s releases and other investor material. The company publishes its annual report, interim report and other stock exchange releases in Finnish and English.

Rautaruukki observes a silent period of 21 days before the disclosure of results. During this period, the company does not meet capital market representatives, comment on the quarter concerned or report on matters relating to the company’s performance.

IR disclaimer

The information contained under the section Investors has been prepared only for the purpose of providing general information about Rautaruukki. It does not constitute advice or an offer to sell or deal in any securities and must not be relied upon in connection with any investment decision. Information presented is believed to be reliable but is subject to change at any time without notice. Rautaruukki does not guarantee its completeness or accuracy.

Investor relations & financial communications

Taina Kyllönen, EVP and Head of  Corporate Identity and Communications

Please contact:

Andreas Koch, Head of investor Relations and financial communications
tel. +46 8 454 57 29

Liisa-Maija Seppänen, investor relations
tel: +358 20 59 39232

Atte Kaksonen, financial communications and media relations in Finland
tel: +358 20 59 38596

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