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Living. Working. Moving. Energy-efficient perspectives on steel and construction – Blog hosted by Ruukki

26 Mar 2014

Unleashing value creation in the building construction industry

It is clearly noticeable that all macro-level changes are geared towards sustainable construction. Real estate owners and investors are faced with many questions. How to transform buildings from energy consumers into energy producers? What is a good combination of energy sufficiency, energy efficiency and supply from renewable energy resources while energy prices and taxation keep on rising and significantly impact on today´s real estate maintenance costs?

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10 Mar 2014

Sustainable building the Italian way

A group of Italian students studying sustainable building visited Finland a couple of weeks ago. According to one student, the focus in Finland is more on technological factors than in Italy and he assumed that also scientific research in this field must be of an extremely high standard. In Italy, the emphasis is more on building materials and the envelope and insulation of a building. Certainly many of the venues we visited underlined the importance of insulation in Finland because of our cold climate, but perhaps the main thing that stuck in the mind of the students was the technology and equipment, such as meters enabling people to track their own energy consumption also in real time.

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13 Feb 2014

What exactly is recycling?

“By using Mineral products, the company was able to cut down the use of non-renewable resources by 200,000 tonnes” and “Ruukki reduced its global carbon dioxide emissions by a total of 600,000 tonnes by using recycled steel”. In one form or the other, the sentences above appear constantly in texts describing the positive environmental impact […]

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05 Feb 2014

Improved resilience drives pioneering attitude in business

At best, superior flexibility may enable a business to become a forerunner in its field. A good example is using high-strength steels in construction. High-strength steel requires new kind of expertise but, when embraced, may provide a definite competitive edge. Would the sliding roof and unique atmosphere of the 50,000-seat Friends Arena have been possible without outside-the-box thinking and unconventional solutions? I think not.

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23 Jan 2014

Optimization of foundations with Ruukki high-strength RRs piles

Whether you are a contractor, entrepreneur or designer – are you, without a big effort, interested to find even two-figure per cent savings within the purchasing of the foundation structure components? I don’t believe that nowadays anyone refuses this opportunity, if only one is aware of existing alternative high quality product. If you’re interested, please use a minute and read through these thoughts.

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